10 Steps to Get A Perfect Manicure at Home Every Woman Need to Know

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Dear ladies! Every of us dreams of a perfect manicure, but often do not have time to visit the beauty salon. Don’t worry! Perfect manicure you can make in your home for very short time. However, its not easy, except if you don’t know some secrets.every woman need to know


1. First you must do, is to clean your nails of old nail polish. That, as we do with acetone, but if you don’t have acetone at home you can use vinegar or you can use lemon juice or orange.nail-polish-remover-mainsource
2. Then apply the nail liquid to remove the cuticle, that time frame can nail with a file in the desired shape. Then push the cuticles with special wooden instrument, in this way alone will be separated from the nail.10 Steps to Get A Perfect Manicure at Home 2source
3. To clean the lower part of the nail place your hands in a bowl of warm water in which you previously added lemon juice or orange. Then wash your hands.
4. Apply a thin layer mask for hands, then wrap them in a towel which you have previously warmed. Leave it to act for 5 minutes. Then rinse well and dry your hands and nails.
5. If is necessary polish nails do it with polish – file.
6. Then apply a moisturizer to hands and massage your hands and nails. Before you polish your nails every Knott thoroughly clean with acetone, because after applying the cream they are slippery and may well bear nail polish.
7. Then apply a base of nail thus arc longer you stay on your nails.10 Steps to Get A Perfect Manicure at Home -allforfashions.comsource
8. After drying the surface, nice you can polish your nails with a nail polish of your collection.
9. If you want to make a French manicure at home, you can use the following tips: You will need a piece of paper circles to create a curve. You can use adhesive tape to a straight line. Apply primer and allow let it dry. Then, affix the adhesive tape or paper circles nails. Apply the desired color of lacquer on top of the nails in two layers. After drying varnish remove the tape or paper. Then apply a final layer and enjoy the perfect French manicure.
10. Drying varnish makes all our problem, somehow we do not wait, ever happens to our trail nails, which does not look nice. If you rush to dry your nails faster apply non-stick cooking spray.

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