Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

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Green tea is one of the healthiest and the best teas. The green tea consist antioxidants that help in the fight against some diseases. The researches show that with regular use of the green tea, you can stop heart diseases and some types of cancer. In the green tea, there is 10 times more vitamin C than in the black tea. The green tea has a great positive influence in our lives, but also has a very big use in the cosmetic industry. In continue, we presentBenefits-of-Green-Tea-And-Reasons


Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin Care

1 Boil green tea, the same way you are making it for drinking. Clean the face, than with the cooled tea wash your face and let it dry. If you use the recipe regularly, your face will gradually get the effect of darker ten.benefits of green tea for skin caresource

2 You can freeze the green tea into cubes. Then, wrap the cubes in a cotton towel and put it on your face. This is wonderful for skin toning and refreshing of the face. This procedure gives the skin tea ice cubes for skinsource

3 With the antiseptic properties of the green tea, you can prevent the redness of the skin on the face. With the treatment of the skin (2-3 times a day) you will eliminate the inflammation of the skin on the face.

Use green tea if your hair falls

Boil green tea and when it is not very warm, wash the hair. The procedure you need to do for 10 days. After that, don’t wash or dry your hair. In two weeks, you will feel that the hair has stopped falling and the tea has given incentive to grow new hair.benefits of green tea for hairsource

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