Best Pre-Wedding Homemade Face Mask

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Dear bride today  I give you recipe for homemade face mask.Before the wedding, every girl feels perfect and has the desire to glow and transform her, so none of her flaws will show. It is especially important for the face of the bride to look fresh and to glow.Facial-Homemade-Masks-Scars


best pre wedding homemade face mask

best pre-wedding homemade face masksource


1. For skin detoxification make a mask with pumpkin and cranberry.

To make this mask you will need 100 grams organic pumpkin, you will need to clean it from the skin and boil it well. After it is boiled, smash it and add 20-30 grams natural juice of cranberry. Mix the ingredients well and apply on the face to stay for 10-15 minutes and then rinse the face with mild warm water. Be sure that this mask will moisture your skin on the face and will protect it from the sun.

2. Homemade Face Mask for dry skinHome-Remedies-for-Dry-Skinsource

Take olive oil or any other vegetable oil, warm it a little and then with cotton with gently movements massage the face. Leave it to stay 20-30 minutes on the face and then rinse it with mild warm water, wipe the face gently with cotton towel to remove the oil nicely.

3. Mask for cleaning the face. Take one egg and separate the white from the yolk. Beat the white to make foamy mixture and apply on the face, leave it to stay for 5 minutes. Than wash the face and you will immediate feel that your skin breaths easily.DIY-Egg-White-Face-Masksource

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