DIY Bag From Repurposed Materials

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In one woman wardrobe there are never enough bags. No lady can imagine herself without this accessory. As the fashion changes, the bags change too. Dear ladies who follow fashion, you probably know that you wanted to buy many bags, but you have not been able to buy them, because of the finance. Today’s article is about you dear ladies who love


DIY Bag From Repurposed Materials. To make a bag you don’t have to have some previous knowledge. First of all, you need to know what kind of bag you want to make, and from which material. Then you need to try to make a sewing pattern of the bag. For that you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. After you will make the pattern, apply it on the fabric from which you want to make your bag, draw it and then cut it with scissors. When cutting, be careful to leave for about 1-2 cm on the sides for sewing and at the end you sew. It can be by hand or with a machine. If you don’t have sewing machine, you need to try to sew the bag by hand. After sewing the bag you can decorate it if you like. As a bag material, you can use whatever you have in your home, textile fabric, old jeans, t-shirts

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