DIY Olive Oil Hair Mask

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Olive Oil Hair Mask. The easiest way to use olive oil, is in a hair mask, which does not include other ingredients except this oil. This mask does not require long preparation and gives excellent results. All you have to do is the following: Warm the olive oil in a water bath for three minutes. Then carefully apply it to your hair to the entire length. To do this, use a comb with rare teeth or cotton. Special attention should be given to applying the oil to the root, gently rubbing the scalp. Then apply a hot head cap, and leave it for at least an hour. Olive oil will be completely absorbed in the scalp and the hair will not look greasy. If you use a lot of oil, it is necessary to wash the head with warm water without shampoo. This mask is recommended to use once a olive oil hair masksource

Another very simple recipe olive oil hair mask and  egg yolk

You Need

1 egg yolk

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair, leave on for 30 minutes, then wash the olive oil hair mask


Hair Mask with Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

This recipe is ideal for oily hair. The amount of ingredients depends on the length of hair. Mix in the ratio 1: 1, a little heat on a water bath (important not to overheat) and applied to the entire length of hair. This mask is best applied before bed and left to act overnight, then wash the hair.


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