Fashion Accessories Trends 2016

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Without accessories, none fashionable girl cannot imagine herself. As the fashion changes for the clothes, also changes for the accessories too. Which accessories will be in trend in 2016, I will tell you in today’s article.2016_hair_accessory_trends_headbands


fashion accessories trends 2016


1. Huge earrings

In 2016, in trend are the big earrings, but we need to mention that they are very heavy. Their form may vary, but there is a choice even for the pickiest fashionable girl. The big earrings you can combine in the every day and in the evening wardrobe. In trend in 2016 is also one big earring.Accessories trends 2016 -Huge earrings sourceAccessories trends 2016 -Huge earringssource

2. Massive necklaces with incorrect form.

The massive jewellery were in trend in 2015, but in 2016 also don’t lose their position. If you don’t like this trend, you can freely buy necklaces in unusual forms, light colors, and abstract motives.accessories 2017 trends-Massive necklaces with incorrect formsourceaccessory_jewelry_trends_colorful_jewelrysource

3. The chokers are again in trend, these accessories look like they are attached to the neck, but you can regulate its length, and you can wear them as you like.accessory_jewelry_trends_chokerssource accessory_jewelry_trends_chokerssource

4. Big bracelets are in trend in 2016. Big bracelets with massive stones and different geometrical forms._jewelry_trends_multiple_braceletssource _trends_bracelets

5. In 2016 in trend are the classical rings and also the rings in big form. In trend are golden rings with precious stones, white gold and silver. You can freely wear rings with big stones. jewelry 2017 trends-ringssourcejewelry 2017 trends-ringssource




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