Fashion Hacks For This Summer

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Dear ladies, the summer is in front of us, I hope you enjoy in the warm summer days. Some of us are chilling on the mountains, some on the sea and some in our homes. Today’s article is about awesome fashion hacks for this summer. Many of us come in situation in which we don’t know how to deal with hacks for this summer 5


1. For example you set somewhere and on your pants or skirt is glued a gum. To get rid of the gum you will need an ice hacks for this summersource

2.Fashion Hacks For This Summer. DIY headband, if you don’t have in your home Headband and you cannot collect your hair; make a handmade headband from old t-shirt or some other textile hacks for this summer 1source

3. Make a hanger for your sunglasses. If you have a lot sun glasses and you don’t have where to put them, take a regular wire hanger and hang the sun glasses on hacks for this summer 2source

4. If your bra has hanging wires and they are constantly poking you, and then patch it up with pieces of hacks for this summer source

5. How to clean the white sneakers during the summer?fashion hacks for this summer 4source

6.How to clean a stain of lipstick on a blouse? This happens most frequently when we dress in a hurry and we have lipstick on. To clean the stain of lipstick you need hear spray or alcohol. Apply the hairspray and leave it for 10 minutes and soak it with water and leave it to dry. fashion hacks for this summer 6





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