Fashionable French Manicure Designs

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French manicure is one of not many manicurists who virtually never go out of fashion. French manicures can transform even the shortest and non-ideal manicure beautiful creation, manicure which can last long.French-Manicure-Idea-for-Short-Nails


french manicure designs

French-Manicure allforfashionssource

The most popular is the classic french manicure by applying white nail polish at the ends of the nails. It is suitable for any style of clothing for special occasions and every day.classic-french-manicuresource

The most striking trend that appeared long ago, but scored with a top speed this spring will be a moon of the nails. It is moon on nails, which may be convex or concave depending on the arc shape of the nail. It is suitable for everyone, and is an excellent replacement for the classic manicure.French-Manicure-Designs-With-a-Twist-of-Creativity-sourcenail-artsourcenails,nail artsourcenailssource

Colorful French manicure will be the perfect complement to colorful dress or monochromatic suit with bright accessories. Fashion trend in 2016 is considered french nails  color scheme, with drawings made with bows that have different textures. These nails will look glossy and effectively in any situation, they will decorate evening dress and everyday nailssourceblack-french-nails-tinsel-silversource-pink-french-nailssourcefrench nailssource

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