Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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The autumn holiday Halloween is another great opportunity for a party. Every year, 31st of October, is he day when ghosts, zombies and other evil spirits are on Earth. On the night of the holiday, everyone dresses a costume. Except a costume, you need to think about the halloween makeup. Every girl wants to be beautiful, but not on Halloween. The uglier, the better! It’s the motto of this holiday. In this article, we tried to collect the most interesting ideas, as well as detail instructions of how to apply makeup on this holiday.halloween makeup ideassource

Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Zombie Makeup Tutorial 

Zombie is one of the simplest versions of halloween make up, which can be easily made at home. It suits well on girls and boys too.halloween makeup tutorial zombie 1

sourcehalloween makeup tutorial source

2.Angel or Demon 


Angel or demon variant for Halloween is for the advanced users of makeup! First apply white foundation for the next layer, and then use moist brush and black eye shadows to paint the eyelids and the eyebrows and paint the chin and mouth with dry grey shadows or crayon.

3.Witch Makeup Ideas

A Witch is one of the main attributes of this holiday. With one glance, the witch is capable to punish or to pardon. Maybe this is the simplest makeup. All you need is black clothes, black nuances and dark lipstick.halloween makeup tutorial witchsource

4. Vampire Makeup Ideas

The bride of Dracula. The main attributers are: whitening the skin, like for the zombie, bags and blood. The light dust, the white make up and eye shadows will help you to create pale face. Don’t forget your arms and neck.halloween makeup tutorial vampiresource

halloween makeup tutorialsource

5. Mummy Halloween Makeup Tutorial 

As an additional attribute for this makeup is the bandage.mummy halloween makeup tutorialsource

mummy halloween makeup tutorial 1source

6.Skeleton Halloween Makeup TutorialDiy-Halloween-Skeleton-Makeupsource

7.Halloween Spooky Skeleton Makeup Tutorialscary-skeleton-halloween-makeup-tutorialsource


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