Homemade Potato Skins Dye For Gray Hair

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Sooner or later, the  gray hair starts to show. This appearance is different for everyone, for some of us, it starts to show before 30, and for some later. Premature grayness of the hair it is often not connected with the general aging of the body, it can be caused from genetic factors, problems with the thyroid, lack of magnesium, stress, nervous etc.HOMEMADE POTATO SKINS DYE FOR GRAY HAIR 1


British dermatologists and cosmetologists tell for the magical properties of the potato, which can replace the expensive cosmetic means.

To make shampoo against gray hair , you will need 5-6 potatoes with middle size. The potatoes you need to wash and peel. In the peel of the potato put cold water in ratio 1:2 and boil on middle temperature around 30 minutes. Then leave it to cool, after it is cool, drain it. Before you apply this mask on the gray areas on the hair, the hair needs to be washed only with shampoo. Apply the mask on the places where you have gray hair and leave it for about 30 minutes, and then wash the hair.HOMEMADE POTATO SKINS DYE FOR GRAY HAIRsource

For better effect, you need to repeat this procedure several times. This mixture is good for coloring   gray hair on blond, dark blond and brown hair.

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