How to Apply Makeup Steps

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The makeup is a great way for the woman to look more attractive. And beside the fact that the makeup is most often women art, not all women own it. How to apply makeup steps  is a question that bothers many fashionable girls. Because of that, in today’s article we tried to give this question an answer. To make the makeup look natural and not to have mistakes, it is best to apply it on a daylight. When you look in the mirror, you need to see your entire face.Basic Contour Makeup Tutorialsource

1.How to Apply Makeup Steps-Clean Face

You need to always apply makeup on a cleaned face. At first, clean the remains of the makeup wash your face and apply tonic.Clean-face-how to apply makeup stepssource

2.How to Apply Makeup Steps- Specify the Type of Skin

Next, we specify the type of skin. The dry skin should be moisture with daily crème. In a case of greasy or combined skin, apply matting agent or base.

3.Correct Application on Concealer

Removing the flaws of the skin on the face for example: the dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin, greasy glow. The basic under the makeup will help the women to manage this problem. Crème-base is applies on the face with very thin layer. You need to remember that for different parts of the face there is different base. In this case, the means for the eyelids, the skin on the face and the lips are not taken. It is not necessary to use all the bases at the same time. That means, the base for the lips is necessary for the women who have wrinkles or cracks on this part of their face. The base for the eyelids is necessary to be used by the ladies with greasy skin. The women with greasy skin better give up from the base or not use it constantly. Leave it on the face form 15 minutes.under eye bags concealersource

4.Skin Corrector

To cover the little disadvantages, for example, acne, circles under the eyes, little pigments spots or wrinkles can be concealed or corrected with skin corrector. It is applied separately or after the applying of the base on the to apply makeup stepssource

5. Applying Shade and Powder

Applying Shade and Powdersource

After the smaller flaws are removed and the surface of the skin is smooth, apply tonal crème on the face. Sometimes, the base itself is enough, and this phase of applying makeup can be completely skipped or just mix the tonal crème with the base. To give your face more natural look and to remove the possible greasy glow, you need to use compact powder. It is applied on separate parts of the body and then spread it with a brush.

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