How to Choose a Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

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The hairstyle is very important step in creating the perfect image. It depends from the choice of the natural structure of the hair, the size and the face shapes. The color of the hair is also very important, dark colors visually tighten the face and the bright colors can make the face look a little oval and wider. How to choose a perfect hairstyle for your face shapes? This is a question that many of us to choose a perfect hairstyle for your face shape


Hairstyles For Oval Faces

The people with oval face look good with almost all hairstyle. It can be hair collected in a pony tail or short hair, lose locks, or avangard asymmetrical style. This is great opportunity to experiment.How to choose a perfect hairstyle -Oval facesourceHow to choose a perfect hairstyle -Oval face 1source

Hairstyles for Round Faces

For this shape of the face, the task is to make the face longer. Because of that, every horizontal lone is strictly forbidden, no hair with volume or thick bangs. Decide for locks, cascade layers hairstyles, asymmetry.hairstyle-by-face-shapesourceround face shape hairsource

 Hairstyles For Square Face

Type of face with wide forehead and wide lower part of the face. This type of face looks rough and angle, but these disadvantages can be easy solved with the properly chosen hairstyle. For this type of face the best hairstyle is asymmetric.How to choose a hairstyle for square shape of the facesource

Hairstyles For  Heart-Shaped Faces

For this face it is best hairstyle without volume, if you like bangs, they should be sideways. For the triangle shape of face, perfect hairstyles are locks and Bob with locks.heart -shared gace shapesource

Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

You need to choose hairstyle with the length of the hair through the shoulders. You will look good with bangs.diamond face shapesourcediamond face shape source

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