How to Get Rid Of Pimples

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How to get rid of pimples ?For the Pimples and acne can be said that they are normal skin condition and that many people have them. Some more, some less, but they are irritation and bother to everybody, especially the young girls who want to be beautiful. They also want to know how to get rid of the pimples on a pretty face. Most often, the pimples show during the adolescent age, and if they are not treated, so e of them may stay with you even in the mature age. If the consequences are not treated, you will have scars on the skin and extended pores on the face. The conclusion is very simple, they need to be treated.Get-Rid-of-Pimples-Overnight-Naturally-and-Fast


How to get rid of pimples with lemon juice

Super quick treatment that helps with pimples is a lemon juice that is rich with vitamin C. the lemon juice dries the pimples and they quickly go away. But, you need to use only fresh lemon juice. Before bed time, you need to squeeze one lemon and on a cotton apply from the lemon juice, and then on the to get rid of pimples with lemon juicesource

How to get rid of pimples with  lemon juice and cinnamon powder

You can also make special paste with mixing of one spoon lemon juice with one spoon cinnamon powder, and to apply on the pimples and leave it over night. In the morning, wash it with warm water. But, this homemade remedy for quickly getting rid of the pimples it is not recommended for people with sensitive to get rid of pimplessource

How to get rid of pimples  with honey 

To prepare mixture with a base of honey, you will need to good mix 1 spoon onion juice with one spoon honey. Apply this mixture on cotton and on the pimples and hold it for 20 minutes maximum, than wash it. For positive result, you need to make this procedure regularly.does-honey-get-rid-of-pimplessource

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