How to Measure Bra Size

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How to Measure Bra Size? Beautiful breasts are undeniable advantage of the female figure. It is ok; if the nature didn’t give you perfect breasts. But, as you know, no all women are that lucky. So because of that, many ladies are asking the question How to choose bra?  How to Choose the right Bra?how to choose the right bra


The bra not only needs to be beautiful, but has to be functional too. How to properly choose the size of the bra?How to measure bra size?how to choose the right bra 1source

The necessary condition for right size of the bra is precisely measuring your volume below the breasts. To make this, with centimeter lent, measure the volume below your breasts. In this case, the arms need to be lifted above your head. As a result of this number, you will find the number of your braw, and that is the right size. In this case, the number got by measuring, need to be circled.

How to measure bra size 

how to measure bra sizesource


Like for example, if you have volume 78-82cm with size 80-2. Measuring the volume of the breasts, the arms need to be low, and the measuring lent shouldn’t tighten the breasts. From the last measuring, you need to take out the first measuring and you will get the braw that fits you. Like for example, if the volume of the breasts is 94 cm and the volume below the breasts is 79cm, your size is 80. Difference: 94-79=15 cm. according the chart of completeness- is suits for cup B. therefore, your size is 80B.

Bra Size Chart

bra size chart source

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