How to Remove Blackheads with Honey

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Blackheads are uncomfortable thing with which every woman and men face, and even kids during puberty. At the age of 13, the teenagers often seek for a medical help and get the answer that the hormones are the guilty for everything, and that the blackheads will disappear when the body will mature. But, that not always happens. It often happens the blackheads not to disappear after 20 year of age. So, what to do to get rid of the blackheads? Many us of think that the only way to get rid of the blackheads is by its cleaning, and squeezing. Actually, this is a wrong approach, because the skin is exposed to stress, and as a result of the mechanical cleaning, the rush can last for a few days, and then the skin to start peeling. Why have scars, if you can get rid of the blackheads very easy?how to remove blackheads with honey


The honey is a unique product that has medical means, not only for the immunity, but for the cleaning of the skin also. Why the honey is so effective for the blackheads? It acts like a natural antibiotic, which allows cleaning of the pores, and allows to lower the enlarged pores and to lower the inflammation. When you apply honey on the skin, a layer of dead cells removes and opens the pores maximally.

How to Remove Blackheads with Honey

1. Honey and Egg White

You will need:

1 egg white

1 spoon honey

Beat the egg white well, and add the honey in it, mix well so it will get even. Apply on a clean face, and leave it to dry. With regular use of this simple mask, you will quickly get rid of the blackheads, and you will improve the skin to remove blackheads with honey 1source


Heat the honey a bit, in a bowl or put the jar with the honey in warm water. When you heat up the honey (be careful not to be too hot, so you will not burn the skin), apply in the skin area where you have acne and blackheads. Leave it to stay 10 minutes then wash it with warm water.

3. Honey and Sea Salt


1 spoon honey,

1/3 spoon seas salt,

Mix it well and apply it on the skin, leave it for a few minutes. The combination of honey and seas salt has double effect and helps for effective cleaning of the skin.


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