How to Wear Leg Warmers

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Leg warmers have shown in the women wardrobe long time ago. Very long time ago, this  stylish feminine accessory made out of leather and other materials had just practical purpose and were used only by men. Today, the feminine leg warmers have not only functional purpose for protecting the legs, but are also decorative element which gives the legs special attractions.-cozy-winter-winter-white


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The leg warmers are unusual universal accessory. In trend they came from the sport, where they have functional purpose: in gymnastics, ballet and other sports, they prevent injuries, stretch marks and heat the legs. But, in the 90ies of the last entry, they have firmly entered in the fashion world and became stylish feminine accessory. They can be made out of wool, leather, fabric etc. especially popular are the knitted which became composed part of the fashion completes for the cold season.How to Wear Leg Warmers Outfits 1source

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You can take any style of knitting, but it is best to wear them with one color clothes, if they are colorful and vice versa. With what to wear leg warmers? They will fit in any style from sporty to romantic. You can combine them with skirts with different lengths and shorts. They can be short, middle length and long (tall). By default, the shorter skirt goes with taller warmers. The short and the middle length leg warmers look better with longer skirts.legwarmers-and-boots-source

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