How to Wear Turtleneck Sweater Dress

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One of the main trends for this season is the Turtleneck Sweater Dress, a very practical dress that can be worn by all the ladies no matter the age. Turtleneck Sweater Dress has a tight collar that covers the neck and can be free and form-fitting. In this case you can wear it with wide belt. The length can be different, mini midi, maxi. Although, the best option according to the fashion designers is the length of the dress, a little above or under the knee. It is very simple to create casual style, for it you don’t need a long time to choose accessories; the main thing is to look natural. how-to-wear-turtleneck-sweater-dress


To create casual style it is necessary to choose the dress and the upper part of the clothes that you will wear above it. Well chosen pantyhose (for the winter the best type are warm and thick, and is recommended for them to match the clothes), gloves, hat and scarf and you will create the wanted effect: accented negligence of everyday life. Concerning the shoes the flat shoes are the only options, like ugg boots or boots through the ankle.How to wear turtleneck sweater dress?how-to-wear-turtleneck-sweater-dress-1sourcegrey sweater dress outfitsourceblack sweater dress with bootssource

This dress doesn’t require many accessories, it can be worn as a sweater and above it you can wear turtlenecks or blouses. Under this dress you can wear tight leggings, that can be in the same color as the dress or they can be lighter, contrast. When choosing accessories, it is best to stick to the rule “less is more”. The trendiest accessory for this dresses is the belt, the more impressive the dress, the less impressive should be the belt, and vice versa, the more restrained color and texture of the dress, the more impressive belt. For short dress, the best choice of shooes is tall boots and with long dress, the model of closed shoes is the the knee boots with dresssourcedeep-grey-turtleneck-dresssourcesweater-dress-outfits-2sourceblack-turtleneck-dress-and-plaid-scarfsource

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