How to Wear Your Knee High Boots

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With the coming of the cold days, many of us search the warm clothes and stylish boots. In trend this season are knee high boots. Do you dear ladies like this boots? Are they already in your closet? And you are searching for a fashion combination  how to wear your knee high boots.If it is that so, you are in the right place, because today we will give you 10 fashion combination with what to wear the knee high boots. The tall boots, if they are tight around the leg, the leg will appear visually longer, and because of that, the effect is increasing when they are tighter below, and gradually get wide in the upper high boots

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In this year, a huge popularity have the sweaters and the blouses. Use them to make combinations with the boots. A sweater, tall boots and short skirt, and you have the right combination. If you choose pantyhose that are in the same tone with the boots or the skirt, your legs will look visually longer.knee high boots with sweatersourcewhite oversized sweater dresssource to wear your knee high boots 8source

Knee High Boots can be combined with dresses with A-line or knitted dresses. Over it you can wear short or long coat. Of course, for the students, the most convenient are pants and jeans. They can also be combined with knee high boots. When you choose jeans, be sure that they are in harmony with the color of the boots. It is better to give advantage on the classical knee high boots, in classical black or brown color on stable wide heel or pointy heels. You can wear any type of knee high boots with pants or jeans, but only with tight pants or jeans. Of course, the pants should be inside the boots. Instead of pants, you can wear leggings.thigh high bootssourcehow to wear your knee high boots sourcehow to wear your knee high boots sourcethigh high bootssource

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