Makeup Tips That Will Make The Face Thinner

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Many girls think about how to make their face thinner. And these thoughts are not only showing among the girls who have weight problems, but also among the slim girls also. To make your face look visually proper, you need to determine the zones for correction on the face, which will make your face to look


1.Makeup tips that will make the face thinner- Choose a proper eyebrow shape

Tall and good defined eyebrows will make to properly balance the circular face, and will visually look longer vertically. The thickness of the eyebrows should be maintained, and the thickness towards the ends should be

2. Makeup tips that will make the face thinner-Highlighter

Choose color for two nuances brighter than the tone of your skin. First, choose the center of your face, on the space between the eyebrows, the nose, on the place above the upper surface of the lips and chin. Apply a little highlighter on the cheekbones with a big soft brush. Then, smear it with smaller brush, and even smaller towards the eyes. Then, apply it on the ends of the nose. As result of that, the face should look like one upside down triangle. This will give the cheeks more angle shape. Don’t forget to apply it on the

3. Proper makeup up for lips

Full lips can emphasize the curliness of the face, and big eyes with strong makeup will make the face look smaller. Because of that, on the lips put natural pastel color of lipstick or lip-gloss.proper-makeup-up-for-lipssource

4. Makeup tips that will make the face thinner-Concealer

Those who have recently started to learn techniques of makeup often don’t know that the dark colors can hide some things, while the light can emphasize them and put them in first plan. This is the reason because in your makeup you should use corrector for a ton or two darker from your

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