Natural Efective Ways Strengthen Nails

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Many of us dear ladies, when we saw beautiful ladies on another woman, we are questioning how it is possible for the nails not to break into layers.How to strengthen nails ?Unfortunately, these conditions of the nails bother many of us. We all want our nails to be healthy and beautiful. But, very often, to achieve this goal, a lot of effort must be made. Breakable and weak nails, thin nails, with layer, and dry nails is a pretty often appearance. The reason for it can be a sign of disorder metabolism in the organism. If the problem is not too big, you can make a few natural treatments for strengthen nails. In continue, I present a few of them.strengthen nails vitamin


1 Maybe the one of the most popular natural treatments for strengthen your nails is a recipe of the bath with iodine and orange.

For preparing this bath you will need 150 ml warm water, 10 grams seas salt, 150 grams of orange juice, and of course 4 drops of iodine. In this bath you need to keep your hands for about 15 minutes. Than it is best to wipe your hands are apply a moisturizer.

2.Recipe for strengthenĀ nails

Mix 1 spoon of vegetable oil with 2-3 drops iodine, 3-4 drops lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the nails, massage it well and leave it o stay 15-20 minutes than wash it.

3. Lemon juice with olive oil strengtheners the nails.lemon-and-olive-oil-for-strengthen-nailssource

This nail mask you need to apply before bed time. The lemon juice and the olive oil in proportion 1:1, mix it well and apy on the nails.

4.Vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar forĀ strengthen nails

In equal proportions mix well vegetable oil and apple vinegar. Hold the nails in this mixture 20-25 minutes.

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