Natural Remedies For Red Moles

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All of us have seen moles on our body. They can be in different sizes and colors. All normal moles are benign tumors that do not present risk for the health. People often wonder and are afraid when they see red moles on the body, what is that? Is it risk for the health? Red moles are showing most often because of disorder or pathology of the work of the blood vessels. If we look at them more carefully, we can see that the red moles are consist little vessels, that are tangled and that can be shown in any part of the skin.natural remedies for red moles


The medical name for the moles is angioma. This type of moles is in the category of safe diseases of the skin, but they bother us from esthetic reasons, especially if they are on the spot where they are visible. If you have a lot of red moles, in the chest, visit your doctor. One or two are not very important but a sudden appearance of lot moles can be a signal of a healthy problems. There are many ways of how to get rid of the moles; I will give you a few natural remedies for red moles.natural remedies for red moles source

1 Onion

Chop the onion and with the onion juice apply on the spot where the mole is, and wait until it dries well.

2.Castor oil 

Before sleeping apply castor oil on the red moles.


The honey is a well known cure, you can use it to get rid of the red moles, appy on the spot honey and leave it to dry.

4. Apple vinegar

2 spoons apple vinegar mix with 2 spoons minced garlic and a little amount of flour to make thick mixture. Apply directly on the spot, glue it with patch and leave it over night.

5. Dandelion root

Clean the root and mince it. Apply the mixture on the problematic spot and leave it to stay for about 2 hours.

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