Natural Ways For Great Hair

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Beautiful hair is the thing that every woman wants, no matter the age. And a beautiful can be only healthy , thick, and elastic, shiny. What is their secret? Today we present you 5 Natural Ways For Great Hair

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To have a Shiny Hair, don’t wash it With very Warm Water

One of the most important moments of protecting  is not to wash it with very warm water, this does not mean that you need to suffer, and wash  with cold water. During the washing, use warm water (26-36 degrees Celsius). When you apply shampoo, massage the head.

Don’t use Hair Dryer

Many of us think that with the fast drying , we safe time. Do you think that 2-3 minutes will change something in your daily routine? Although the reports of the costumers show that a powerful drier takes as much time as usual. Some of these  driers are louder than the others. These driers only destroy , and the hair gets drier.

Properly Chosen Shampoo According to the Type

First, you need to choose shampoo according to your  type (greasy, dry, normal, and combined). With combined type of  (greasy on the roots and dry through the length), you will need to use shampoo for greasy .

Properly Washing 

Before washing, you need to comb well, in that way the circulation of the blood improves and the dead cells of the skin on the head are removing, and so the remains of products ( spray etc). The shampoo should be applied on the hand and a little dissolved with water, then applied on wet hair, with massaging the scalp, and then needs to be well washed. After shampooing, through the entire length apply balm, and wash the hair with colder water.

Carefully Collect

The hairstyle ponytail or braids perfectly emphasize the style. But when the hair is too much tightening, it gets damaged from the roots and below. If you have hairstyle continuously, you will start to lose.

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