Natural Ways to Hair straightener at Home

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Many girls dream of having beautiful curls and try to have them in different ways, with curling the hair and keep it like that for a longer time. But, the girls with curled hair want the opposite. Straight beautiful hair. How to hair straightener at home? There are many ways of how to straighten the hair. Today, we will tell you natural ways to hair straightener at homenatural ways to hair straightener at homesource

1.Mixture from natural oils for straightening the curls

Take a bowl and in it put

2 big spoons olive oil

6 little spoons of castor oil

4 big spoons burdock oil

Mix them well with a wooden spoon. The oils should be heated, it is best to put the bowl with the oils in other bowl with warm water. Then apply the mixture on your curls, put on a hat, and leave it to stay about 1-2 hours. Then wash your hair with warm water and shampoo. For better effect you need to make this mask two times a week.natural ways to hair straightener at home 1


2 .Mask with Brandy and Vinegar for Hair Straightener at Home

Apply the brandy throughout the entire length of your hair, without touching the root. The apple vinegar should be dissolved with 50% water, and to be applied on the hair. Let it stay for 30-40 minutes then wash your hair like usual.

3 Hair Straightening  with Gelatin

The gelatin is a natural substance with which you can straighten your hair. Also, the gelatin has a good influence on the hair structure.

You need:

200 grams warm water

put in it 3 spoons gelatin

and mix until the gelatin is well dissolved

add 1 spoons of hair balm

Then wash your hair the usual way, with shampoo. Then apply the mask with the gelatin on the hair but not on the root. Put on a cellophane cap, heat it a little with a hair dryer, and leave it to stay for 40 minutes. Then wash the hair only with water.

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