Ombre Hair Color Ideas

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Ombre hair  is a change of the hair color from dark into bright and vice versa. The hair color can be different, no matter if it is natural color with bright ends or vice versa with dark ends. Also, you can make the hair in two nuances, one dark and one bright, in other words, the thing that you have in your fantasy, you can make it with your hair, and you can use different colors, even blue. Dying you hair into Ombre gives the hair the effect of naturally burned hair from the sun. The overflow of the sun light in your hair will not only give the hair original look, but also will visually increase the volume of the hair. For Ombre coloring, generally are used natural tones, like brown, chocolate, sand, honey etc. but for the brave and the eccentric ones, there are many rich colors from red to black. There are many options for Ombre hair.Among the most popular aregrey-ombre-hair-color-idea


ombre hair color

  1. Classic ombre  hair color – which is very popular. For this type of dying two different tones are used, and the crossing between them should be maximally mat. This is the most natural option.blonde ombre short hairsourceDark-Ombre hair color ideasource
  2. Ombre hair color ideas-Color. This type of dying the hair is only for young and brave girls, because not everyone will encourage showing the hair with very strong colors. Hair color in fluorescent colors, immediately emphasizes you to stand out from the crowd, and makes you the center of the attention.beautiful-beauty-color-hair-colour-source ombre hair color ideassourceCotton-Pink-ombre-hair-color-for-black-hairsource
  3. Color with flame effect is mainly used on dark hair. For this dying he natural hair color is complimented with locks in copper color, brick color, honey and other warm tones.Dark-to-Brown-Blonde-Ombre-Hairsourcedark brown to blonde ombresourceallforfashions -hair colorsource
  4. Pony tail-include the imitations of sun burn on the hair, that is collected into pony tail.  Dark-brown-ombre-hairstyle-to-blonde-with-bright-highlight-balayage-hairstyles-trend-sourcegrey-ombre-hair-colorsource

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