Over the Knee Boots Outfits

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For a several seasons in a row, over the knee boots holds their position on the list of fashion trends, but some girls are still afraid to wear them. They can be combined with many elements from the other clothes. From different specter of fashion over the knee boots, every fashionable girl will find the perfect ones for herself. Many fashionable girls are wondering if it is necessary to have modern proportions and look to wear this boots. Of course, these boots look great on thin, tall ladies with ideal figure, but of course, among them there are fashionable girls who don’t have ideal shape, but have properly combined the boots and look nice. With what to wear boots, so you will look stylish? Should I wear boots with jeans? And should I wear boots with shorts? With what should I wear over the knee boots? The answers of these and many other questions are in our material:how-to-wear-over-the-knee-boots-late-afternoonsource



Over the Knee  Boots with a Dress

Choose short tight dress with free or complicated shape. Combination of boots with sweater-dress looks good.-Outfit-Idea-with-High-Bootssource


If it is a knitted dress, you can wear pantyhose, if it is sweater-wear leggings or short skirt. The silhouette of the skirts can be different, but make sure to always hold on to the free shape. This includes: A-style and pencil skirts. If it is mini skirt, it shouldn’t be too short (it should have not more than 15 cm from the skirt to the boots!).over the knee boots outfitssource

over the knee boots outfits 1source


Over the knee boots Outfits With Pans and Leggings

The pants should be tight.-grey-boots-outfit-gray-bootssource

over the knee boots outfits 2source

 Over the Knee Boots and Jeans Outfit

The jeans should not be different from the rest of the clothes. The right combination of boots and jeans: extended top which covers the hips.


Over-The-Knee-Boots-Outfit with jeanssource
Over the Knee Boots  and Shorts Outfit Ideas

This is a great combination for the ones who like to show their legs, and the version with mini skirt is already boring.over the knee boots with shortssource

over the knee boots with shorts 1source

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