Pastel Makeup Tutorials You Can Copy This Summer

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In summer  2016 the trend is patstel makeup that is characterized by a predominance of natural shades. Most popular are the pastel colors that create beautiful makeup that does not overshadow the natural beauty of women. In  summer the peak of his popularity will be pastel colors: pale pink, cream, light blue, light gray and so on. The choice of colors is very large so that each girl will be able to find the most adequate color. The main thing in applying pastel makeup with properly mixing the colors. For proper mixing of the colors you can use special brushes, or to do it with your fingers. Pastel colors you can use to hide small imperfections of the skin, and to highlight the beauty of the eyes. For daily makeup commonly used pastel tone, but if you go to a ceremony held in the afternoon you can choose stronger more saturated shades of colors.Pastel make-up

sourcePastel make-up tutorialssourcePastel Makeup Tutorials You Can Copy This Summersource

Peach Makeup Ideas for summersource

1. Pastel makeup for brunettes. The fashionable girls with dark color are lucky, because for their look they can choose many options of colors. Most suitable for them is “Smokey eyes”, in which strong nuances are used. For daily makeup you shouldn’t use arrows, but for the evenings, they will be adequate. For emphasizing the eyes you can use black eyeliner. Draw a thin line thorough the length of the eyelashes of the upper eye cover. Pastel makeup for brunettes 1source Pastel makeup for brunettes--r green eyessourcemakeupsourceTutorials for Perfect Lipstick 1source

  1. Pastel makeup for blondes. The fashionable girls that have blond hair should choose proper pastel nuances for emphasizing their natural beauty.Pastel makeup for blondes -blue eyessourceTutorials for Perfect Lipsticksourcepastel-makeup-tutorialsource

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