Spring Wedding Decor Ideas

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Wedding is the most wonderful formal event in your life. Wedding can be more luxuriously if it be in spring when everything blooms, nature comes alive in beautiful bright colors, wonderful smelling from all the flowers and blossoming trees. Spring wedding  has its advantages, newlyweds should think about the style of the wedding ceremony. fresh-spring-wedding-table-decor-ideas-sourcespring wedding decor ideas


Sunny, good mood, are symbols of spring, it is the theme for spring wedding. In spring wedding decor usually rule romantic minimalism. His main color is white, it will allow you to combine classic elegance with modern fashion trends. In forming a romantic spring wedding note to the pale pink, cream, beige, green, yellow, pale blue shades, with them you get a spring atmosphere. Very original and elegant accessories will look accessories decorated in warm soft colors, they will give freshness and beauty of spring wedding.spring-wedding-decoration-ideas-sourcespring-wedding-ideas sourceelegant-peach-and-gold-outdoor-wedding-color-ideas-source

Furthermore you can combine 2 3 colors wedding decor. Very refreshing and spring will look a combination of pink and green. Of course, this does not mean that you have to choose these colors, show your imagination, dilute these colors with other colors, décor, items and ultimately will be perfect.spring wedding decor ideas 2016sourcespring wedding decor ideas 2016 1sourcewedding-decor-pink-flowerssourcewedding-ideas-for-spring-outsidesourcewedding-ideas-for-spring-outside 1source

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