Trend Choker Necklaces 2016

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How to make a choker necklace

Choker Necklaces after nearly 20 years are back in fashion. Choker Necklaces,are accessories that tightly wraps the neck (or other body part). Kendall Jenner, declared them as the best accessory for 2016. Today there are many variants of this fashion accessory. They can be made of different materials: metal, velvet, leather, beads, or precious stones and pearls. Popular Choker in the 90s, were made entirely of fishing line. How to properly select and wear Choker Necklaces? Unfortunately, this fashionable accessory can’t wear all ladies, the ladies with big shoulders and neck this accessory will make their necks look visually shorter.DIY_Leather_Chain_Balmain_Choker_Necklace

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How to Wear Chokers Necklace

These accessories can be worn with any type of clothing for every occasion. You can wear them with blouse with high neck or an open neckline, the choice is yours. Also, they are an ideal ornament and perfect decoration for neckline or deep V neckline. To enhance the beauty of the necklace is recommended to wear high hairstyles. Choker necklaces can be combined with more accessories on the neck. It looks so feminine and bohemian. The Chokers have an adjustable length that it will help you feel comfortable. So do not tighten them too much, or they won’t be comfortable on you. If you have never worn this supplement choose greater length.Choker-Necklace-TrendJewelry and Accessory TrendssourceJewelry and Accessory Trends 1sourcespring_summer_2016_accessory_jewelry_trends_chokerssourcetrend choker necklaces 2016sourcetrend choker necklaces 2016 1source-bsilver-hinged-cutout-choker-silver-product-source

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