Trendy Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016

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Short Hairstyles & Haircuts  is in trend in the last few years. Many fashionable girls are skeptic to this hairstyle. The short hairstyle has many advantages; it is easy to maintain, and with this kind of hair style you can renew the hair, you can easily shape the hair to match to the shape of your face.Trendy Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016 style with naturalness and simplicity.Trendy Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016source

Trendy Bob Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016. Short bob hairstyle & Haircuts with volume. This hairstyle matches to almost every fashionable girl no matter her age and the shape of the face. Bob hairstyle makes us visually younger.Short-Haircut-For-Round-Face-Thick-Hair-With-Short-Bob-Haircut


This hairstyle is especially good for the fashionable girls that have thin hair. To have this type of hairstyle you should cut the hair in more layers.short bob hairstyle with layers 2016-17sourceshort-layered-bob-2016source

Asymmetrical short hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016. This hairstyle is considered to be unbelievably stylish and modern. Depending of what type of the asymmetric hairstyle you want to choose, there are different ideas for styling. Daring and coarse hairstyle will look excellent on flat hair. Smooth and soft lines should emphasize the diagonal asymmetric hairstyle.Asymmetrical short hairstyle & Haircuts for 2016sourceshort-hairstyles-for-2016sourceShort-Hairstyles-2016-hair-color-ideas-green-eyes-source

Short Hairstyles & Haircuts . This type of hairstyle is for the brave fashionable girls who want to experiment with their hair. Unbelievably beautiful and saucy hairstyle. If you like this kind of hairstyle but you are not so brave, you can make this type of hairstyle with cutting the hair on the sides and make the bangs bigger.straight Short Hairstyles, Haircuts for 2016sourceShort-Hairstyles-2016-upright-and-straight-haircut-sourceTrendy Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016 1source

Old good Pixie short hairstyle continues to be on the top of fashion. This type of hairstyle gives the face some special charm and attraction.asymmetrical-pixie-haircut-2016sourceShort-Pixie-Hairstyles-for-Womensource

Slicked short  back hairstyle is a simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain and looks sexy, elegant, especially in combination with evening dresses and striking jewelry or make up.slicked back short hairstyles 2016source

Super  Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016Trendy Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2016sourcesuper-short-hairstyles-women-1source

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