How to Wear Ankle Boots This Fall

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Fall ankle boots, needs every modern girl with starting of the cold and rainy weather. Somehow, we do not immediately wear boots that remind us of the cold weather. Ankle boots are a wonderful option for fall. Ankle boots for several seasons are at the top of popularity. They are stylish and comfortable. However, it must be emphasized the lack of these boots, which can sometimes worsen your figure and to highlight any shortcomings or disrupt perfect proportion, if you not choose the right color or a


When selecting these boots, as everyday option or shoes for the evening, you should take into account several key factors. Always pay attention to the height and shape of the heel, the sharpness of the front, and also the amount of boot in line with your foot. Classic shoes with low heels can visually shorten the leg, and to make it look thicker. This will affect the overall silhouette. This shortage is manifested especially in a combination of boots with skirts or

Remember that this option would suit on the skinny and tall girls. The length of the dress or skirt should always be a little above the knee, or the legs will look shorter than they really

Tight jeans or pants with these shoes look nice and modern, and the leg will appear longer if the boots are nearly in the same color as the pants. Do not be afraid to experiment and combine black shoes with bright clothes. Do not be afraid to wear a maxi dress with short boots. Be free, experiment, make outfit in which you will feel nice and modern. Ankle boots can be combined with a floral dress as a supplement you can wear leather or denim

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